• Looking for inspiration for your event? Check out our cocktail options available.
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    green tequila and sour apple cocktail in a martini glass
  • For parties and events with more than 50 guests, a Cocktail bar is essential.
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    Professional Mixologist dusting cocktail drink with green food color
  • A professional Mixologist just knows how to make the perfect Cocktail - everytime
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  • What party would be complete without a professional mixologist extraordinaire?
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    Hire A Mixologist - orange cocktail with lemon rind and ice. negroni with bitter and vermouth
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Heavenly Cocktails

With Easter Fast approaching not to mention the end of the financial year - now is the time to have a party! April looks like a bumper month for us - we have 30% more bookings than last year - can't be bad!

From Large Corporate Balls to small intimate house-parties, even Hen and Beach Parties we serve and cover the whole of the UK.

Over the years we have noticed a moving trend for many people as well as Corporates to have their Christmas or New Year Party in January or Feruary. This actually makes a lot of sense. The 'pressure' of the Office Party or 'got to have frends and family over for a Christmas do' in December (competing with dozens of other parties you and they 'have to attend') is a thing of the past. Parties in January and February tend to be easier, more relaxed, more fun and certainly with none of the 'Christmas pressure'.

Creating an exciting party is simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a great guest list.
  2. Decide upon a theme or a  'why' to have a party.
  3. Decide whether you need a Flair or Cocktail Mixologist.
  4. Decide on the Entertainment.
  5. Click on "YOUR FUNCTION" in the top menu and see some options to start with.
  6. Click "CONTACT US" to talk with us about your party, event or function. We are NOT salesmen, just very passionate about parties and of course, Cocktails. We are a Professional, Full-Service Cocktail company.