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Can a Good (ASDA) Gin Cocktail be judged by its strength?

New From ASDA a range of in-the-can Cocktails - PASSION for Cocktails

ASDA is the latest supermarket to launch their own range of Cocktails in a 250ml can following the lead of such companies as Tesco, M&S and even B&M.

ASDA have released 4 pre-mixed drinks: pink gin, rhubarb gin, passionfruit martini and gin bramble. Purists may not look at these as ‘real Cocktails’. 

Passionfruit Martini

ASDA’s Passionfruit Martini’s ingredients list include: passionfruit, vanilla flavours and vodka.

Pink Gin

The Pink Gin, as well as containing Gin, contains diet Lemonade. A traditional Pink Gin, for authenticity sake adds 5ml of cane syrup for that touch of sweetness. ASDA’s 250ml can misses out the Angostura bitters completely. 

Pink Gin is named ‘Pink Gin’ because of the 3-4 dashes of Angostura bitters it contains.  The bitters tinges the Martini glass cocktail a slight pink. The original Pink Gin Cocktail was not to everyone’s taste.  Modern twists include adding tonic – just to make it more pleasing and smoother.

Gin Bramble

ASDA’s Gin Bramble mixes blackberry juice, lemonade and of course Gin. The traditional Mixologist way of making this superb Cocktail would use: Gin (2 shots), Freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup (sugar syrup) and Crème de mure.

Rhubarb Gin

ASDA’s Rhubarb Gin  contains simply a rhubarb gin (no letting on as to whose rhubarb gin it is) and ginger ale.

In terms of prices, they are cheap and good value at just £1.00 a can.  The M&S range are £2.39 for the same size 250ml can.  However, for those that like a kick (and that is more than likely – you) the alcohol content is pretty low – definitely not Cocktail Lounge type of shots used.  Their alcohol by volume (ABV) is only 4 per cent.  M&S is 8 per cent – hence the difference in price?

They are value for money and worth a try. If they do not have the strength you like or are used to, you could always add an extra shot or two…

In April ASDA being innovative (not mentioning cashing-in on the Gin craze) released three new gin flavours: Lemon Sherbet Gin, Pear Drop Gin and Parma Violets. Time will tell if they become popular and release them with various mixers in cans.



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