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B2C2 is a simple and easy Cocktail to remember in terms of what Cocktail ingredients are needed.

B2C2 is without-a-shadow-of-doubt an amazingly powerful, intoxicating and devilishly simple recipe with a great deal of energy and vigour. Take three ingredients in equal measures and top up the fourth with Champagne. 

What could be simpler than that? Even the name gives away its ingredients:

Brandy and Benedictine
Cointreau and Champagne

The B2C2 WWII Concept

This Cocktail was created in occupied France by USA troops. Whom ever invented this one must have had access to a very good wine cellar.

  • 1  shot (50ml) Brandy
  • 1  shot (50ml) Benedictine
  • 1  shot (50ml) Cointreau
  • Top-up Brut Champagne
How to make one: 

Mix the first three ingredients (Brandy, Benedictine and Cointreau) into a shaker over cracked ice.
Shake to mix.
Strain into a chilled glass.
Top-up with Chilled Champagne.


Once again, there are many stories and theories of how this atom-bomb of a Cocktail came in to existance. One theory being a couple of G-2 military types (G-2 being American slang for Military intelligence) got wind of a cave full of bottles of drink that ware left behind by retreating Germans.

B2C2's Big Truck

Naturally the G-2's had to save the booze.  With military technology (aka a big truck) they hot-footed it to the rendezvous and perloined the aqua vitas.  Allied troops would have savoured each drink separately - a bottle of Champagne, a bottle of Bendictine, Cointreau and so forth.

We suspect the G-2's simply experimented with what they had to hand - perhaps not knowing the bottles they had in front of them (this is pure conjecture...)  By good luck and good fortune (pouring one part of each - 1:1) they hit upon a phenomenal concoction - all topped up with vintage (we assume) Champagne.

However it was created, B2C2 is a VERY powerful, intoxicating and rich Cocktail. Complex and delicious at the same time.   It is one of those Cocktails that after just a couple, you certainly know you have had them. Too many is just too much fire-power for one day that can leave you wounded, injured or be left for dead...


Glassware For This Cocktail

Rocks Cocktail Glass from Passion for Cocktails Rocks Glass
The Rocks Glass is known by several names - depending on where you are in the country and in which Cocktail lounge you are in.  It can be referred to as "An Old Fashioned", a "Tumbler", a "Whiskey" glass or even a "Low Ball" glass. This is a small glass with usually two or three ingredients only.   So called 'rocks' as they drink in this glass will contain invariably 'ice cubes'.  
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