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Bellini Cocktail from Passion for Cocktails

The Bellini Cocktail is an Italian summer in a glass. There are at the very least 15 variations of a Bellini.  This is just one.

Prosecco is the preferred glass top-up (to be authentic) but Champagne is used in most places outside Italy.

It is a simple, delicious, easy to drink Cocktail.  If the Prosecco is too dry for your taste, a smasll splash or shot of Simple syrup can be added.

Bellini Bellisimo

Depending on how much of a purist you are, traditionally a Bellini has Prosecco as the sparkiling wine aspect to the Cocktail.  A Mimosa, which is very similar uses Champagne.  For most people, Prosecco and Champagne can be inter-changed.

  • 2 shots Peach puree
  • 4 shots Prosecco (or top-up)
How to make one: 

Pour two shots of peach puree into a Champagne or wine glass.

Top up with four shots of Prosecco - or top-up as desired if using a big Champagne glass!.

Garnish with a slice of ripe peach.




Giuseppe Cipriani - The Bellini Master

In 1948 Guiseppe Cipriani (senior - 1900-1980) invented this classic Cocktail at his Bar (Harry's Bar) in Venice.  The Bellini Cocktail was inspired and named after Giovanni Bellini (c.1430–1516), a 15th Century Italian Renaissance painter.

Giovanni Bellini - Venetian artist and inspiration for the Bellini Cocktail

         (Sculptor - Luigi Borro)

Peaches are abundant in Italy from June to September.  Giuseppe Cipriani wanted a way to use the fruit in a Cocktail.  He set about experimenting and concocting a range of ideas.  He created his materspiece by pureeing the white peaches that grew in the orchards just outside Venice adding them to an Italian classic sparkling wine -  Prosecco.

He tried his creation on guests at his bar to see their reaction;

Harry's Bar, Venice - home of the Bellini Cocktail


it soon be came a runaway success and extremely popular with guests becoming 'the' Cocktail to have during the hot Venetian summers.

Guests to Harry's Bar included (but not limited to) Humphrey Bogart, Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and others too many to name, did I mention George Clooney has been there?

The Bellini has encompassed the globe since as a brilliant, light, wonderful, refreshing Cocktail. Ideal for all occassions.

With just two ingredients a classic Cocktail had been created.

Ingenious creation. 



Glassware For This Cocktail

Modern Champagne Flute from Passion for Cocktails Champagne Flute
Champagne glassware stretches back to the early 1700's when most drinking vessels were either made of wood or metal. As the centuries rolled by glassware developed and redesigned.  Champagne was for many decades drunk out of Coupe glasses- big wide bowls where the bubbles of the Champagne could be seen magically escaping from the bottom of the glass.  As our knowledge and technology developed, we realized the shape of the Coupe glass aided the Champagne to go 'flat' with the beautiful fizz disappearing fast; de-carbonization the scientists would call it.   The Champagne Flute - a conical, slender and tall glass was developed in order to keep as many bubbles flowing as possible plus the aroma of the Champagne is channeled in a small area - up and into the drinker's nose.  
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