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Cocktail Bars

We can offer a range of Mobile Cocktail Bars for most events and parties such as:

Cocktail Bars

  • Small Mobile Cocktail bars
  • Curved Cocktail Bars
  • Circular Bars
  • Wooden Bars
  • Themed Bars


Small Mobile Cocktail Bars
2m and 4m examples of Cocktail Bars

Mirror Cocktail Bar from Passion for Cocktails  White Cocktail Bar
Mirror Bar                                                                          White illuminated Bar

The Professional Mobile Cocktail bar can be hired in or with various 'fronts': Black, White, Mirror and so forth. They are all LED lit with a choice of colour schemes to suit the party and the atmosphere you wish to achieve.

The 2m single bar is ideal for parties of up to  around 75 guests.  For larger guest numbers, TWO 2m Cocktails bars would be required along with an additional Mixologist. The bars would be placed together to make one seamless Cocktail bar.

Curved Cocktail Bars

1.5m 2.0m and 4.0m Cocktail bar Options from Passion for Cocktails

Bespoke Cocktail Bar  4m white fronted Cocktail bar for events
Single 1.5m Curved Cocktail Bar                                                 Double 3m Curved Cocktail Bar

Very impressive and 'clean' looking.  Ideal for when you need to impress guests and have a 'focal point' Cocktail bar. A single bar is 1.5m in width. One, Two or Four sections can be placed together.


Circular Cocktail Bars

Circular Cocktail Bar options

Illuminated Cocktail Bar  Mirrored circular bar - very impressive

4- section Circular Cocktail Bar                                                     5- section Circular Cocktail Bar

Ideal for large parties and Corporate events.


Wooden Cocktail Bars

Wooden Cocktail bar options

White fronted wooden Cocktail Bar  Rustic Cocktail Bar
White Wooden Bar                                                   Rustic Wooden Bar

Ideal for less formal events such as garden parties, indoor casual 'low key' parties and where the function of the bar is more important than impressing guests with a large 'swanky' Cocktail bar.


Themed Cocktail Bars

Las Vegas Cocktail Bar  Hollywood - Star Cocktail Bar
Las Vegas                                                                        Hollywood                              

James Bond, Las Vegas, Hollywood and other themed bars are available.  Let us know your theme and let's see if we have a Cocktail bar to suit.  Having a 'bespoke' Cocktail bar at a, for example James Bond themed night simply adds to the fun and excitement.  Who would dream of not having a Martini from the James Bond Bar?


Delivery - additional cost to Hire

All Cocktail bars will be delivered and set-up on the day of the party or event. In some instances, they may be delivered the day before the party or event.

The Cocktail Bar is not dismantled by the Mixologist but one of our Transport Staff.

If it is impossible to remove the bar at the end of the party or event (due to one reason or another), we will return the next day or by arrangement.

Please note:

Prices may differ due to location, timings and staffing.


If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at