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Hurricane Cocktail Glass

Hurricane Cockail Glass from Passion for Ice

Pat O'Brian's Bar is located in French Quarter of New Orleans.  During the prohibition period (of the USA) to get in to the bar the password was said to be: "Storm's Brewing".  This is surely an indication of the ingenuity of the owners and bar tenders to circumnavigate the law and draw in business!

The history of the Hurricane Cocktail is interesting and fascinating; It is said during the second World War American bars in the USA had a hard time importing such liquor as Scottish Whiskey into the Country. Liquor salesmen were crafty and savvy:  O'Brian's (and others) as a result were forced to purchase more cases of rum (which was easier to get) up to 50 cases to one case of Scotch Whiskey. However O'Brians was determined to make money and get rid of the surplus of rum they had to order.  Creating a drink based on rum and in a 'different' glass they thought was the answer.  They were right and their gamble paid off.  The Hurricane glass was destined (from the 1940's onwards) to be the Caribbean, the easy-drinking, the 'cool' and most icon set of drinks ever created.



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