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DJ's - Professional

The Right DJ

There are weekend DJ's and then there are Professional DJ's. There is a HUGE difference (and not always in price).

Because music is all around us, influencing our lives, our thinking our enjoyment and ultimately it can heavily influence the outcome to an evening.

Selecting the right DJ that has not only a good knowledge of music but can also read an audience is rare and wonderful thing when it does happen. Everything literally comes together and the night is never long enough - a true sign of a great DJ.

We are NOT an Agency with dozens and dozens of DJs in our stable churning them out to each and every event. We have just a very select few that are very, very good. Each make their professional living from entertaining audiences from small intimate parties right through to big functions and Balls and arenas.

Prices start from around £750.00 and go to £15,000 for a major celebrity DJ.

Charlie Evans

An International and renowned DJ. Young (he'll love us for saying that) enthusiastic and very, very knowledgeable DJ.  His taste in music is vast. Charlie KNOWS how to read an audience. He is what they call a 'natural';  A born entertainer.   It is rumoured (in the right circles) Charlie was born with headphones firmly attached - and has never got rid of them!

There are many, many professionals.  Charlie is certainly one of them and, I must say, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet (and we don't say that too many times in this industry).

Charlie's image is super cool, super hip and, well frankly, we can't keep up with him. He astounds us with his collection of new tracks. Where the heck does he get them from? His ear is very tuned-in. He knows a club hit when he hears one. For the very latest (sometimes only released a few minutes ago) he'll have it playing at the right volume - and that is saying something when some DJ's think if you play it extra loud; it will sound good. Charlie does not think that way. He knows where the volume slider is. You will simply love his style as we do.

The Key: As soon as you know you need a Professional DJ - call us. Charlie is booked solid for certain dates in the year. He is that much in demand in the UK and mainland Europe.

Justin Orange

You would be forgiven in thinking we have sent Jason Orange from Take That to your event instead of Justin!  

Justin is Jason's twin brother - true. Both are in the music industry; one on stage and one behind the decks!   I wonder if he plays a lot of his brother's bands' records?

Justin and Mark have both been DJ'ing for donkey's years and have a HUGE following (both home and abroad). Their music is dance. If you like to dance (whatever the style) they have it and will play it. They have been mobbed so many times, it's a way of life for them.

We have even known venue owners let them continue playing way after they should have packed up and gone home. Their style is electrifying, absorbing and infectious. You cannot go wrong with these gentlemen of the decks.

If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at