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James Bond

James Bond Themed Balls and Parties

Here are just a few things we can offer to help make your Bond Night go with a Walther PPK (Bang!)

  • Vodka Luge
  • Face Masks
  • Cardboard Cutouts
  • Bond and Villian Look-alikes
  • Aston Martin DB5

Ian Fleming
(28 May 1908 – 12 August 1964) was a British, London-born author and journalist.

In total he wrote twelve novels and nine short stories about the world's most famous secret agent - James Bond. 25 Bond Films have been made from these stories. See the list.

Over the years there have been numerous 'Bonds' (can you name them all?); We all have our favourite... Sean Connery, Roger Moore or the latest explosive Bond to hit the screen Daniel Craig?

To create a succesful 'Bond 007 night' does not have to cost the earth or require lots of elaborate or expensive so-called Bond-props, scenery or gadgetry (unless you want to of course).

Selecting just a few prominent items will endoubtedly set the scene for a great night.

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