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  • You must be over 18 years old to book our services.
  • The minimum charge period is for three hours. 
  • A Booking must be confirmed in writing (e-mail)


  • A Deposit is required if the booking is more than two weeks from the confirmation of the booking. Payment of this deposit indicates that you fully accept our terms and conditions. The deposit amount is non-refundable however, you can select a new date and transfer your deposit to a new event. The remainder balance is payable 14-21 days before your function or event.
  • We cannot proceed with your event unless full payment of the invoice total has been received.
  • We will not attend an event or function without pre-payment in full.


  • Travel is charged for each Mixologist or persons you have hired. Only way is charged. Travel is charged per mile for mobile bars and glassware. Only one way is charged. When we issue a quote we calculate the staff travel from the nearest major city that we have staff located in. If we need to allocate staff from further afield due to staff not being available from that major city on your chosen date, the staff travel charge will increase and be added to your balance payment. We take every possible action to ensure your Staff attending have the lowest possible travel charge applicable – this is our promise.


  • Our Staff are all trained to ensure that they have the appropriate skills to deliver what services have been agreed for your event. Our Staff are all individuals with their own style and are not directly representative, especially relating to flair. When you book a flair Mixologist, they will perform flair moves as they prepare the drinks. This is called ‘working flair’ and involves performing entertaining flair moves during normal drinks service. If you would like the flair Mixologist to perform 3 minute routines where the drinks service is stopped and the attention of the room is focused on them, this is called a ‘flair show’ and is charged at a different rate.


  • As soon as this form is returned to us, it is understood and agreed that this is your confirmation of the order. We track the IP address the e-mail (and Contract) was sent from.
  • Cancelling your order will incur a charge of 70% of the value of the order excluding any delivery charge or travel fee.
  • If a deposit has been made, this will be forfeited plus an additional charge to make –up to the 70% value of the order.
  • Postponement (not cancellation) is permitted if notification is give no less than 72 hours before the event or function.

Arrival time

  • Mixologists will arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the function. This will give time for you to chat with them and discuss any aspects of the party you wish to raise.
  • Mixologists will wear: Black shirts, black trousers and black shoes. This is their standard Professional attire.
  • Mixologists will bring their own box of Cocktail making equipment. The Mixologists may require a power lead to run their blender or equipment.

If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at