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Angle Grinders

Sexy Angle ginder in full grind

Angle Grinder Acts

A raunchy, sexy and darn right dangerous thing to do!

Angle Grinders create a visually stunning show by grinding and thrusting a metal plate against a professional angle grinder causing an incredible and mezmerizing fire-work effect of blazing sparks and light flying into the heavens.

The noise from the grinders can be loud to say the least; a visually arresting son et luminaire but with a difference.

The sound just like the performance can be intense, gripping and always exciting.

As a sound stack PA expels a solid trance-like, relentless rhythmic beat, the Angle Grinders seem to climax in a crescendo of frenzied stimulation with sparks flying higher and higher.

You can't possibly guess the ending... Seeing is believing.

Technical information

Please note:

Sparks from the grinders are very, very small metal shavings;  as such, we advise that the Angle Grinder performers do not grunt, expel or grind over the audience but perform in an area slightly away (at a small distance) from the audience, that is the audience are not in the direct flight path of the Angle Grinder's sparks.

Space Required.
Generally, we find a minimum of 3m x 3m space is required for the Angle Grinders to perform. More space is better as it allows them to walk, gyrate and contort all over the area - making for a mind-blowing and exhilarating show!

As the sparks tend to be very bright and can be colourful at times, we suggest minimal lighting is provided for maximum effect.

Each Performer will require a safe, 13-amp power point to plug their grinder in to close by to where they are performing.  If a power point is not close-by, they would require an extension power cable. Health and safety is paramount.

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