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Oxygen Bar

What can be more soothing than breathing in pure air - 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in our normal air?

Our Oxygen bar allows people to sit at the bar, plug in to a clean, pure and smooth scented air (individual) air tube (a 'nose hose').  After just a few minutes the experience is simply amazing; one feels refreshed, rejuvenated, full of energy and detoxified.

Each station is set for a five-minute optimum session. This amount of time is calculated to give the best results. Individual scented bottles exude delicious and deeply satisfying aromas that stimulate and excite the olfactory senses.

We are all different and as such the different aromas will stimulate people in different ways; some aromas will invigorate, some will calm, some will energize and some will totally relax.  Each aroma is perfectly safe and non-harmful with no side effects.  "It's like floating on air".

This is something REALLY different and will have your guests enthralled and clamouring for more!

Technical Note:

Air Breathed.
A filtered Compressor creates non-medical air fit for any person to use. There are no side effects or harmful chemicals used.

Session Timings.
A timer is set for five-minutes per person - the optimum period to feel the benefits.

Each guest can control which aroma they wish to try.

If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at