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Pianist - Carl

Carl is an extremely talented and full time musician.  His repertoire is simply vast ranging from Jazz, Rock, Cocktail Lounge right through to Classical. He has performed for the BBC as well as ITV and at such prestigious venues as The Savoy Hotel in London and  the House of Lords.  As a composer, he has composed a number of film and TV scores and not forgetting... working on the X-Factor.

His style in a word is; versatile. As an accomplished musician (and a Music lecturer). Carl can quickly 'sum-up' an audience and play what is required and in whatever style - if not briefed before hand.

Carl revels in the following styles:

Cocktail Party Background music
Corporate functions
Solo Jazz Pianist
Backing for bands (session musician)
There are very few professional pianists that can match his style, wit and sheer entertainment value.  As we have a passion for what we do - Carl eats, sleeps and breathes music (in a good way of course).  One thing that we do like about Carl is that he is exactly that; 'Likable' (rare in the music industry).  His smile, his attitude and everything about him is likable.

One thing he can certainly do is get a 'crowd going' - be it them singing along to the chart tunes he is playing or get them (subconsciously) to toe-tap to a great song.

He style is infectious. You've heard and seen people playing 'Air Guitars', it is amazing how many 'Air Pianos' are in the same venue when Carl plays!

A Pianist can elevate a party or function. Silence and people chatting is one thing.  Add a good pianist and the whole ambiance changes.  A Pianist such as Carl can change a good night into a phenomenal night.

Music has such power to not only entertain but really influence a night in a positive and enthusiastic way.

Availability - All year round
Area of work - UK-wide
Own Keyboards - Yes
Timings  - to suit the event or function
Style of music - Varied (from Classical to Rock)
Solo - Yes
Part of a Band/Group - Possible

If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at