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Singers - Male

What style of male singer are you looking for?   Over the past ten years we have a massed an eclectic collection of brilliant male talent. Not everyone we know is listed here below - after all we are not (yet) a Talent Agency of bands and singers (though could easily be).  We just know an awful lot of singers (male and female) as well as bands and Acts. They have become friends as well as colleagues - hence our prices tend to be far less than going direct to an Agency or even the Act themselves (though most do not deal directly with the public). Here are the best of the best.

Solo Singers


Tom Rust
Tom has one of the most sultry 'come to bed' -types of voices you can imagine.  He looks like George Clooney (spitting image) and sounds just like Frank Sinatra. Big band, Jazz Quartet, solo - George, sorry Tom covers every base.  Just brilliant.

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