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Winston Churchill Look-alike

Winston Churchill Look-alike

The 1940's Winston Churchill was a force and power to be reckoned with; iconic speeches, out-spoken views and a brilliant tactician, no wonder he is one of Britain's most iconic characters.

Brian (our Winston Churchill Look-alike) is a full-time professional EQUITY actor.  His roles on TV and the stage have been wide and diverse. With a long and distinguished theatrical background, the detail and background research he puts into his character portrayals are simply astonishing and of course,  pays huge dividends for the viewing audience.

Brian has the astonishing professional knack and know-how of how to get under the skin and 'be' the character.  The make-up, the prosthetics or just the walk transforms him into the person he is portraying.

With continual bookings, he is much in demand.  For his stature in the industry his fees are (thank goodness) extremely reasonable and affordable.  He could easily charge thousands of pounds per performance - but he does not.  He is a truly great working-actor; a perfectionist at his craft.

Ideal for opening shows, meet and greet, rallying the troops before an event - he is extremely versatile.

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