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To Hire... or Not To Hire A Professional Cocktail Bar

If you wish to Hire the services of a Professional Mixologist from us,  but are uncertain if you should also hire a Cocktail Bar as well - here is the answer:

For Parties or functions with less than 30-40 or so guests

If your party has less than 30-40 (or so) guests attending, there is simply no need to go to the expense of hiring a Professional Mobile Cocktail bar from us or anyone. A table with table cloth would be more than sufficient. As long as there is room for the Mixologist to place his equipment, glassware and of course the Cocktail ingredients, then a simple table will suffice.


For Parties or functions with more than 40-50 guests

For numbers greater than say 40 guests, We WILL require a Professional Cocktail bar (either provided by us or yourselves) for our Mixologist to use.


  • Professional Cocktail bars have SPEED RAILS - to hold the bottles and Cocktail making equipment in the right place.  It makes it faster, more efficient and easier for the Mixologists to create spectacular drinks for you. With Flair Mixologists, having the right drinks, tools and equipment in the right place is vital in order to put on a great show for guests as they make the Cocktails.
  • They will be of the RIGHT WORKING HEIGHT (bending over making cocktails is very tough on the Mixologist's back - the biggest complaint we receive from our Mixologists).
  • Professional bars range from just above waist height to chest height. Back ache is the number one injury for Professional Mixologists.
  • Professional Cocktail Bars will have DRAINAGE and STORAGE facilities.  When ever drink is present, it can get spilt and liquid will obviously flow - Professional bars make the flow in the right direction!
  • Professional Cocktail bars are a WORKING TOOL - not a fanciful, ephemeral piece of furniture.
  • Professional Cocktail bars have one of the greatest weapons in the armoury of a Mixologiost - ICE WELLS.  A Cocktail without ice is, well frankly not worth having!

If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at