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Hire a Professional Mixologist

We offer two varieties of MIXOLOGISTS:

  • FLAIR Mixologist
  • COCKTAIL Mixologist



To be technically correct, the term is actually 'working Flair'. The easiest way to sum up a Flair Mixologist is to picture Tom Cruise in the film "Cocktail".

A Flair Mixologist is the 'show-off', the extrovert cocktail bartender; the one that twirls, whizzes, throws and catches bottles in between making cocktails.  Entertaining, amusing, fun and exciting to watch. They are professional and VERY skilled at what they do. It doesn't take hours of practice - it takes YEARS of practice to be good.

These guys MAKE a party happen!


A true Professional. A bartender that KNOWS how to make spectacular cocktails. NOT every bartender (in a pub or restaurant) can make cocktails or knows what drinks can be mixed together to make a fantastic cocktail. Ask a barman in a pub to make you a cocktail - see what you get. You'll more than likely get a 'passable' cocktail but not a GREAT cocktail leaving you wanting more!

A Cocktail Mixologist has a 'feeling', a sensitivity and the knowledge of what works-with-what and exactly how much of each ingredient to mix. Only practice and an affinity with Cocktails can produce a first-rate Cocktail Mixologist.


Minimum hire period:


Three (3) hours for a Cocktail or Flair Mixologist

Available: Any part of the Country, any time.
Travel Fee: Added at cost to the Mixology fee (see notes below)

To obtain a QUOTE go to our QUOTE FORM, fill it in and let's see how much all the things you would like are going to be.  There is NO obligation to purchase.  It is just a quote


All part of the service

Professional Menu:    FREE
We will create from the cocktails you have chosen a professional looking menu that sits on your bar. This aids the Mixologist (and you) from guests asking "what cocktails have you got" or "can you make..." and so forth. Guests can read and decide which cocktail to have from the menu provided. Each cocktail lists the ingredients plus essential tasting notes.

Professional Bar:    OPTIONAL
As you may have seen, for parties with less than 40 or so guests, it is not mandatory to have a Cocktail bar. For large numbers it just about essential to have a Cocktail bar for reasons outlined elsewhere.  There is a cost to hiring a Cocktail Bar which includes the delivery, the setting up of the bar and either after the party or the next day dismantling and collection

Dry Hire - Shopping List:    FREE
For any Dry Hire service (where you provide all the ingredients) we will create a shopping list of all the ingredients you will need to purchase. This will enable you to control the budget and for you to see exactly what you are spending. Most Cocktail companies only offer a WET Hire service - where they provide all the ingredients.  This can work out expensive.

Glassware Service -    OPTIONAL
We can provide just about any type of glassware for your party or function from: Collins, Old Fashioned, Martini, Hurricane, Margarita and so on and so forth. There is a charge for glassware plus for any brakages, loss and so forth.  Our warehouse contains all our bars, glassware, back bars and so forth.  If you would like Glassware from us but not a Cocktail bar, it could work out expensive; we would deliver the glassware on the day of the party, return home and then go back the next day to collect.  If may work out cheaper for you to hire glassware locally in this case. We like to be ethical and honest about this.



  • Location
    We have a network of Professional Mixologists (Cocktail and Flair) in various locations around the country. This means we can keep our prices low and you'll always get the nearest Mixologist to your party venue. All traveling is charged at cost. We cover the entire UK mainland.

    For some unknown reason there are certain parts or areas of the country that are a bit 'thin on the ground' for Professional Mixologists.  These areas include:  Norfolk / Suffolk, parts of Kent and sections of the south coast (west of Southampton).  This does not mean we cannot or will not provide Mixologists for these areas, it just means that if none are available for your particular date, we may have to bring them in from slightly further a field and the price may be a tad more to cover petrol/travel fees and so forth.

  • Arrival.
    Our Mixologist(s) will arrive approximately 45-60 minutes before your event is to start (sometimes earlier) to set up their equipment, have a final brief by you and get-to-know the ins-and-outs of your function or party. You are NOT charged for this time, the same with cleaning and packing-up.
  • Equipment.
    Our Mixologists will bring all their own equipment (shakers, strainers. nudlers and so forth). You may be asked to provide some bartender items, but this is rare.
  • Length of service.
    The minimum charge period is 3 hours. You may wish the Mixologist to serve for longer - that is not a problem. After three hours the fee is calculated on a per hour basis - which is less than the first three hour rate.  Functions of one or two hours duration will be charged at a three-hour service rate.
  • As the Mixologist are Professionals, they may have another function to go to after your event.  Please do not feel offended if they say they cannot stay and 'extra hour' if you ask them just as they are packing-up. We would suggest carefully thinking about the party/function timings whether you wish  them to create Cocktails for three, four or more hours. Booking time in advance can pay dividends to a party that is in full swing and going extremely well.
  • The Menu.
    This adds a professional touch to your function or party. Our menu is an attractively laid-out list of the cocktails you guests can try - name, contents of the cocktail plus a brief taste description.

    The Cocktail Menu is the Anti-Embarrassment saviour. Guests have the habit of asking the Mixologist, "I can't see "XXX" Cocktail on the menu, can you make it for me?" When the Mixologist explains he does not have the ingredients to make "XXX", invariably the guest will ask/say to you  the host, "The Mixologist refuses to make me a "XXX".  Can you ask him to make it for me?"  You will then have to re-iterate what the Mixologist has politely said to the guest. Having a Cocktail menu is essential, hence we provide one free of charge.

  • The Shopping List.
    Getting the right quantity of drink, soft drinks, juices, cordials, limes, lemons and so forth can cost a great deal of money if not calculated correctly. This is where we come in. We will discuss the cocktails you want, the length of your party, how many Cocktails you want for each guest and of course your budget. From this we will calculate the exact amount you'll need - right down to the last lime! This is a FREE service we offer.

    Benefit:  By us doing this (not all companies offer this service) you can:

    • Control the complete budget
    • Choose to purchase Premium or not ingredients
    • Buy ingredients on 'Special Offer'
    • Control the quality of the ingredients (limes, lemons, garnishes etc)
    • Any ingredients left over from the party are yours for the drinks cabinet and the next Cockatil party!
  • The Cocktail Bar. (see Cocktails bars)
    For parties up to 40-50 guests, our Mixologists can perform from almost any table or counter (preferably chest height). However, for parties with MORE THAN 40-50 guests, they will need to use a PROFESSIONAL BAR - be it one in situ at the venue OR one that we can provide OR you can provide.
  • Serving Cocktails.
    Our Mixologists are human (handsome, intelligent, fit and with great personalities) however, when there is a party of more than 40 guests, it is virtually impossible to serve all your guests with Cocktails all night long using just one Mixologist.

    If you wish him to Flair (that is twist, twirl, catch and throw in between making drinks) he cannot serve everyone and pwrfom his Flair work

    IMPORTANT: Tell us what your priorities are; for example, to make sure all guests are served drinks as fast as possible or for the Flair Mixologist to Flair whilst making Cocktails bearing in mind there might be a queue forming. To Flair or not to Flair, that is the question... whether tis...

  • Back-up for larger parties.
    A Cocktail Mixologist will need to be hired to back-up the Flair Mixologist for larger numbered parties (greater than say 50 guests) or, you can provide bar staff from your venue, for example to help (make cocktails or prep ingredients).

    The last thing you (or us) want is a queue of thirsty party-goers desperately waiting to get served (no matter how entertaining the Flair Mixologist is!) Being realistic and practical is the key to a successful evening.

    We vet, interview and hire only the best in the industry to make your evening a total and enjoyable success. However, our Mixologists are human and can only do their best - under the circumstances they are given.  Hence we love to talk-through your party before hand in depth to make sure what we provide is exactly what you want and can expect on the day.

    It has happened and no doubt it will happen again;  Flair Mixologists rely on their wrists for their acrobatics.  Some Mixologists have broken their wrists/hands when either practicing or performing.  If this does happen, we may have to at the last minute substitute a Mixologist. If this does happen, we will of course inform you. In some rare instances, we may have to substitute a Flair for a Cocktail Mixologist; again we will inform you as to why and when we have done this.

If you have any questions or just require a quote, call us on 02477 044 827 or e-mail us at