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Kiwi Lemonade

Kiwi Lemonad Mocktail from Passion for Cocktails

The Kiwi Lemonade obtains its fizz and liveliness from Soda Water and not to the bubbly (and sometimes over-powering) lemonade as the name woould imply.  The Kiwi puree is the main driving factor in flavour, texture and taste. 

The 1/4 shot of Lemon provides the subtle addition and contrast in taste.  Too much lemon and the whole Mocktail can via in a new direction.  The genius is the inclusion of sugar syrup (simple syrup). 

This wonderful Mocktail can be created to your own taste without losing the flavours and impact of the Kiwi. 

This is a very versatile and sophisticated Mocktail. For a younger audience, more simple syrup can be added or less lemon juice. Vice versa is of course true.  A very refreshing and great all-rounder.

  • 1/4 shot Kiwi puree
  • 1/4 shot Lemon juice
  • 1/4 shot Sugar syrup (simple syrup)
  • 1 shot Apple Juice
  • 1 shot Soda water
How to make one: 

Add all the ingredients in order to a chliled and ice cube filled Tall Cooler Glass.  Top up with Soda water. Stir and enjoy.


Glassware For This Cocktail

Tall Cooler Glass
This Cocktail glass also known as "The American Style Casablanca Tumbler Glass" is, as the name implies made popular in Cocktail bars throughout the USA.  The style, ruggedness and 'different shape' has now transcended the world's finest and best Cocktail bars as a 'standard' Cocktail glass. Holding a full 13oz,  it is a popular glass for many types and varieties of cocktails.
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