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Baby Mozzerella with Chilli Pesto

Baby Mozerella With Chili Pesto


Mouth watering Buffalo Mozerella and pesto is always a hit - a classic in a new guise.  The pesto adds a zing and zest to the artful masterpiece; a piquant flavour that is refreshing but incredibly tasty.  The hint of chili is a touch of genius. 

Buffalo Mozerellla, Chilli Pesto.

Served on a classic eatern Bamboo stick. Eassy to serve and easy to pick-up.

Predominant Flavour.
Fresh prawn with subtle chili pesto flavour.

Modern, fusion.

Minimum Quantity.

Suggested serving time
Bring this one out first; this Canape gets the taste buds going and your guests ready for the next and the next. This is a builder Canape.  It's a good opening gambit that will be appreciated.



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