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It's Mai Tai

It's Mai Tai Cocktail from Passion for Cocktails

The Mai Tai Cocktail was invented in the 1940's but made popular in the 1960's.  It is a beautiful rum-based Cocktail that oozes Tiki Culture. 

Mai Tai roa ae

If you can shout, "Maita'i roa ae!" then you are certainly part of the Tiki Culture. The phrase means, "Very Good!" or "The Best".

Made well, it is a Cocktail that is beyond words. It has a velvety, strong but not in the  'knock your socks-off and throw you around' style.' Sophisticated, easily drinkable. Beautiful. Very rarely can one only have one of these. With out a doubt, it is one of the finest of the tropical drinks ever invented.

  • 1 shot Dark Rum
  • 1/2 Shot Apricot Brandy
  • 1/4 Shot Almond Syrup
  • 1/4 shot Lime Juice
  • 2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 2 shots Pineapple Juice
How to make one: 

Combine all the ingredients into a Boston Shaker over ice. Shake. Strain into a Cocktail Glass.

Garnish with Lime, sprig of mint and a Maraschino cherry.


The Cocktail is claimed to be invented in 1944 by Victor Bergeron at his Trader Vic's Restaurant in Oakland, California. However as legends has it,  11 years previously Don The Beachcomber, a rival of Bergeron claimed he invented it at his Hollywood restaurant, "Don The Beachcomber".  The two versions are not really the same;  Don's being more complex overall.

There are as you can imagine many versions and variations of the Cocktail that have been invented created over the years.  It is loosely based on the image and feel of Tahiti - once very popular at Polynesian, Tiki Bar -type of parties and events.

Other variations created by Mixologists that include names such as: Nu Mai Tai, Smuggler's Cove Mai Tai, Angostura Mai Tai, Lattitude 29 Mai Tai and may others!

The 'basic' Cocktail consists of Rum (white or dark and white) an 'orange' flavour (be it a liqueur or even fresh orange), lime juice and pineapple.  Other embellishments or extra ingredients add to the tropical feel of the Cocktail.  It is one the the most requested 'tropical' Cocktails of all time.



Glassware For This Cocktail

Rocks Cocktail Glass from Passion for Cocktails Rocks Glass
The Rocks Glass is known by several names - depending on where you are in the country and in which Cocktail lounge you are in.  It can be referred to as "An Old Fashioned", a "Tumbler", a "Whiskey" glass or even a "Low Ball" glass. This is a small glass with usually two or three ingredients only.   So called 'rocks' as they drink in this glass will contain invariably 'ice cubes'.  
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