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Simple syrup

Simple syrup (or sirup) is granulated sugar added to water to create a sweet, viscous liquid. Primarily used to enhance the sweetness of Cocktails. Also used in cooking and baking.

Simple syrup - the Mixologist's geatest friend behind the bar

Mixologists will add Simple syrup not only to create or add sweetness to a Cocktail, such as in a Mojito or Caiprioska Cocktail, but also to add liquid and bulk to the Cocktail. Cocktails are primarily shots of alcohol and mixers. The addition of this syrup will enhance the Cocktail and not as one might imagine, just or only add sweetness and thus overwhelm the flavours of the Cocktail.

We generally talk about the six tastes the human tongue can identify: sweet, sour, bitter (acrid), salty and umani (MSG).  However, scientists claim there are actually seven.  The addition of astringent (sharpness, caustic) and pungent (chili / hot). Simple syrup will aid in bringing out the flavour(s) and not mask them by the sweetness of the sugar.

Over the counter

Simple syrup can be commercially purchased online from such companies as Monin, Bristol Syrup company, William Fox Drinks Company, and others. Not only do these companies make a Simple syrup, they also produce amazing flavoured syrups.

Simple Syrup in its simplest form is a solution of water and granulated sugar mixed in a ratio of 1:1.  That is, equal parts of water and sugar.  Other ratios are naturally possible: 2:1 (rich simple syrup) right up to a maximum of 5:1 for pure sucrose saturation.  For less viscoseness and less sweetness a ratio of 1:2 can also used (one part sugar, two parts water).

Creating your own simple syrup is quick and easy to do. Just two ingredients:

  • Ordinary granulated sugar
  • Water



Step ONE

The first step is to decide the ratio you wish? How sweet do you wish your Simple syrup to be 1:1, 2:1, 3:1? As mentioned above, 1:1 is pretty a normal ratio to use.

Step TWO

Decide on the volume you wish to end up with. A cup of sugar and a cup of water or, to be 100% precise you could weigh out the sugar, fpor example, 150g sugar, 150ml of water?  The choice is yours.


Boil your kettle with water.

Boil the kettle for the simple syrup solution


Pour the boiling water into a pan. Place the pan on the stove on a medium heat.


Pour the sugar into the pan. Stir to dissolve.

Pour the sugar into the pan

Step SIX

Once completely dissolved, turn off the heat and let the solution cool completely.


Pour the cooled solution into a jar with a lid.  Store in the fridge until required.

Simple Syrup made and stored in a seal-tight jar


Storage / Pouring bottles are ideal and are used by Professional Mixologists to make life simple and easy. The base has a lid for storing in the fridge.  For use, a funnel section is attached to the bottle.

The bottle combinations are available online and at catering stores.

All ready to go - simple syrup by Passion for Cocktails

Creating your own syrup can save a small fortune if having a party with lots of guests and where many of your chosen Cocktails require Simple syrup. For a Dry Hire party, the savings can really be felt by making it yourself.  It is a pretty quick and easy process.




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