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Alaskan Iced Tea

Alaskan Ice Tea from Passion form Cocktails

Alaskan Iced Tea is as refreshing and cold as the gleaming arctic snow and deep blue waters around Alaska. Just five alcoholic ingredients of equal measure and a dash of fresh lime juice make-up this stunning Ice Tea variation.

Alaskan Iced Tea - Just five

With just five shots of alcohol, this creates a Cocktail with a much higher alcoholic concentration than most other cocktails as the mixer is pretty small (just about a dash of Lime juice!)  A potent, strong and powerful Cocktail.

All we can say is 'Caveat Emptor' - in the nicest possible way.

  • 1 shot (25ml) plain Vodka
  • 1 shot (25ml) White Rum
  • 1 shot (25ml) Cointreau or Triple Sec
  • 1 shot (25ml) Gin
  • 1 shot (25ml) Blue Curaçao
  • 15ml Fresh Lime Juice
How to make one: 

Half-fill either a hi-ball or preferably a Sling Cocktail glass with ice.

Pour in each of the alcohols followed by the freshly squeezed lime juice.

Gently stir with a barman's spoon.

Top up with more ice and a dash of Lemonade.  The current trend is Lemon Sprite.

Garnish with a slice of Lime.


Ice Teas including the original Long Island Ice Tea consists of equal parts of: Vodka, Tequila, white Rum, Triple Sec and Gin followed by cola. The Alaskan Iced Tea is a variation of this leaving out the Tequila and cola and replacing it with Gin and Blue Curaçao.  The Blue Curaçao gives the Cocktail its blue and distinctive hue.

Many Ice Teas will use a Sour Mix in the ingredients list. The Alaskan Iced Tea however replaces that with a fresher taste of freshly squeezed lime giving a zingy zest to the overal flavour and taste of the Cocktail.

1972 - year of the Alaskan Iced Tea?

The Long Island Iced Tea ("LI ICE T") was invented by Robert "Rosebud" Butt in 1972.  The bar he was working at had an inpromptu contest to create a drink that used Triple Sec as an ingredient.  As with most classic Cocktails, it is the simplest ideas that work best.  Bob simply opened a row of white/clear spirits and added a shot of each one by one to a glass filled with ice.  Finally topping of with cola to 'add a bit of colour'. The Long Island Ice Tea was thus came into being and literally took off. 

With just shots of alcohol and just a dash of cola,  it was and is a very powerful concoction. Easy to remember and easy to make, it is a firm favourite at parties.

There have been many, many variations of this Cocktail.  The Alaskan Ice Tea is one that is also fantastic and very powerful. Although the white/clrear alcohols are the same, the little twist of Blue Curaçao and fresh lime juice adds the visual twist.  It has depth and sex appeal.  Althoiugh the Long Island Ice Tea is a great Cocktail - it truly is, it does not have curb appeal unlike the Alaskan Iced Tea.


Glassware For This Cocktail

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