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The honey in this Cocktail makes a fantastic difference!  It is a kin to the beautiful Caipirovska Cocktail (in that its ingredience include Vodka, Lime and crished ice) but the extra sweetness is a stroke of genius.  Smooth and incredibly more-ish.

  • 2 1/2 shot Ketel One Vodka
  • 4 spoons Runny honey
  • 1/4 shot Freshly squeezed lime Juice
How to make one: 
  1. STIR the runny honey and Vodka in a Cocktail shaker until the honey deisolves completely
  2. Add the 1/4 shot lime juice
  3. Fill shaker with crushed ice and SHAKE
  4. Strain into glass with crushed ice
  5. Garnish with a wedge or slice of lime

The name 'Dowa' is Kenyan and translates as 'Medicine'. When Martinis were out of fashion, the Dowa was replaced by the jet and Safari set of Kenya.  Bag yourself a Dowa, you'll be pleased you did.

Glassware For This Cocktail

Rocks Cocktail Glass from Passion for Cocktails Rocks Glass
The Rocks Glass is known by several names - depending on where you are in the country and in which Cocktail lounge you are in.  It can be referred to as "An Old Fashioned", a "Tumbler", a "Whiskey" glass or even a "Low Ball" glass. This is a small glass with usually two or three ingredients only.   So called 'rocks' as they drink in this glass will contain invariably 'ice cubes'.  
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